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What special abilites would you like to see?

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Some kind of forced unconsciousness would be nice.


That is, if the character gets too badly injured (under 1/4 health or so) they fall unconscious. They become non-hostile to enemies, but can still take damage from grenades and AoE Force powers and can only be woken by another NPC with a medpac (or at the end of combat if KotOR2 doesn't let characters heal other characters). If they hit 0 health while unconscious (due to grenades/AoE, see above) they die as normal. The character can also initiate this themself, for two rounds - they fall unconscious as above but regenerate HP and FP while out.


Just an idea :p

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Make the single saber stronger.


It was annoying how weak it was compared to the other two variations. Add more single saber stances as well, I hated KOTOR's single saber stance.

I agree. I was hoping you could have stance like Revan used in the cutscene.

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