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KOTOR 2 Wishlist!!!

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1.) More control over outcome of the story.


2.) More NPC avatars, and re-use old ones when appropriate so that there is more variety.


3.) NPCs who react to you differently based on your past actions and alignment.


4.) More music (you can reuse old here as well! Variety is good)


5.) More side quests.


6.) Certain weapons, items, armors, and implants should change your alignment, just like Darth Vader and Malak.


7.) Alignment should play a larger role, have two main tracks in the game.


8.) Better ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt cheated last time, like they didn't spend any time on it at all. I thought there would be some type of epilogue.








1.) 16x9 widescreen mode


2.) THX certification


3.) In-game grayscale calibrator with gamma, contrast, and brightness, as well as a reference picture, like UT2004.


4.) Higher-res textures on environments.


5.) Higher-poly environments to avoid blockiness of KOTOR 1.

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My god I forgot about this stuff.


Devs: is KOTOR 2 Xbox going to be 720p or 1080i compatible? If so, 16x9 also?


So many people are getting high definition TVs these days; it'd be a shame not to take advantage.


At least KOTOR 1 had Dolby Digital encoding. I can only hope that we take the next step and add HDTV functionality.


THX certification is probably unnecessary, though. But if any game is going to have it, this is the one.

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Well, considering that I don't have $1500+ to drop on a PC for one game, I think I'll pass.


On the other hand, if the game will run in 16x9 off of the PC, I might just consider it. More and more HDTVs have 15 pin VGA connections on them, and I see now some video cards have DVI and HDMI outputs.


Well, even if it doesn't do HDTV, I'd love the game to be at least playable in 16x9, seeing how that's the aspect ratio that all the TVs are now, and will be for years.

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