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Marux Amanth lost it's worthy sacrifice ability - no longer shows up.

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Ydwin uppgraded this dagger to worthy sacrifice but now it is gone. I have removed her from the party, reloaded etc. There is no sacrifice ability anymore.

Is there any way to get worthy sacrifce back? Has anyone else had this happen?

For some reason there is no explanation what worthy sacrifice does, I think this is the issue.


I normaly use sacrifice to make fights like frightened child/Wael easier... :( This has never happened before

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  • ArnoldRimmer changed the title to Marux Amanth lost it's worthy sacrifice ability - no longer shows up.

I see -- and it is fully upgraded ?  And did you rest with her in the party? Just wanna be sure... That is so strange! https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Marux_Amanth

Do you have any mods running which may conflict with it? If you are not opposed to using the console, you could generate a new copy for yourself . there might be a way to bypass the soulbound upgrades, but you would have to investigate. 

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There is this very rare bug where enchanted items lose their enchantments. I don't know what the cause is, I guess save game corruption. In over 5K of hours I had that only once I believe. 

Before unbinding/rebinding and leveling it up again I would use the console to test if this actually works: save the game, open console, type "iroll20s", then unbind the dagger and rebind it. Then type "levelupsoulbind <player_name> dagger_soulbound_marux_amanth".

Instead of typing out everything you can just lead with the first 2 or 3 letters and then use the tab key for autocomplete. Saves tons of time and frustrating typos. Player name starts with "player_" for example so just type "play" and hit tab and it will complete the name properly.

Do that leveling command several times until the dagger is fully upgraded again (after each time the tooltip/description of the weapon will pop up like during the real process when you level up a soulbind). Then you can see if that fixed it. If it did you can reload and go through the process "properly" - if not then trying it would be a huge waste of time.

If rebinding doesn't work: You can get a non-bugged dagger again via exporting a non-bugged dagger from another save game  und importing it into the current one (achievements stay, costs lots of money, you have to level it up again)

or the lazy way via console: "iroll20s" and then "giveitem dagger_soulbound_marux_amanth". And then level up the soulbind via console as described above until it is like it used to be. This will of course disable achievements. But it takes almost no time and will fix the problem. 


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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yeah like boeroer says it's pretty rare. it's corrupted a handful of items in my ~2k hours personally but because it's so rare it can be really devastating* when it does happen, because i normally don't catch it in time so being able to restore a save becomes impossible. 


* though this was back when i cared about not using cheats, now i just iroll20s and fix it.

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On 11/23/2023 at 7:01 PM, NotDumbEnough said:

There's even a mod that lets you keep achievements after using iroll20s.


By the way, I thought this only happened to helmets. It's only ever happened to helmets for me. Also it's only ever made them lose ALL of their properties, but they don't seem to be all gone here.

What is exactly happening to helmets? Eder in my party currently lost his helmet and no matter what I do - no helmet shows on him - neither in Equipment screen, nor "in the field". However, his stats do change depending on the headgear, so I think special/conditional enchantments work too, but I didn't test it.

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