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Playing in Turn-Based mode, I'm planning on creating a Goldpact/Helwaker Votary; Goldpact for RP reasons and Helwaker because the others don't interest me. Will be dual-wielding a Saber and Dagger until I get the Palm buckler, replacing the dagger with it. Going to be wearing Heavy armor all the way through and then the Nomad Brigandine when I get it.
So with all that info, what do you think about my planned starting stats;
  • MIG: 11. Helwaker will boost this to 26 at max wounds and Tenacious.
  • CON: 15. Worried about the potential +50% inc dmg increase.
  • DEX: 11. Turn-Based.
  • PER: 15. For early game accuracy and spotting traps and treasure.
  • INT: 11. Monk can boost this to 26 (Enlightened Agony and Turning Wheel).
  • RES: 15. Will boost this to 18 with equipment for RP and dialogue reasons.
My only worry is that my might may be too low for my Exalted Endurance Aura and maybe Lay on Hands to keep up with the increased damage Helwakers endure.
What do you guys think, please?
Also, can anyone knowledgeable about the lore tell me if it's plausible for a character with an Aristocrat background to be a Monk?
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Personally I don't think high con is extremely necessary on a Helwalker. You could eventually use Iron Wheel to boost your con when having a bunch of wounds, and you can always spend your wounds as well if you think you're taking too much damage. But if you combine Iron Wheel with some heavy armor I would think you'd be sturdy enough, especially since it sounds like you're using Tuotilo's Palm as well and planning to have decent Resolve. So your deflection will be good.

All that said, I think your stats are perfectly fine and your character should still perform well with them. If I were to lower those points from con at all I would probably pump Resolve even higher (deflection has increasing returns).

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