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My friends and I are playing together, and I'm the host. We've played together without issue since launch, but all of a sudden we've returned back and they're experiencing some extreme desync issues, especially when building or dealing with dew drops.

Sometimes if they're building something it will appear built but they can walk right through the built item. Sometimes if they're building it'll appear that it hasn't been built, when it has.

With the dew drops, they'll appear but they can't drink from them.

This is becoming a pretty major issue for us. They have to keep reconnecting to fix their bugs which just isn't fun.

I'm on an AT&T Fiber connection with over a gig worth of speed. I don't know if it matters what my machine is, but the specs are below:

  • EVGA Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X
  • Intel Core i7-11700K Rocket Lake 3.2GHz
  • 32GB DRDR4 RAM
  • ASUS Z590-A ROG LEGA 1200 ATX
  • Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1TB M.2

Any help with this would be extremely appreciated.

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