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As I'm sure has been said before, I have just gotten this game and I look forward to putting several hours into it!

There are a few things I noticed as a new player:

- The backpack quickly becomes too small 

- The hotpouch selection is unintuitive and can be difficult in combat


My recommendations for solutions to these would be as follows:

- Anything equipped should not have to go in the backpack

- Create a recipe for a craftable "Food sack" that is separate from the backpack

- Allow for creation of larger backpacks

*** Switch the keybinds (or allow for a kebind configuration) where the number keys control which hotpouch you are in, and the scroll wheel determines which item you are using (quick switching between items in combat can mean life or death!!) ***

Thank you for all of your hard work and diligence in creating and updating this game! It really shows!

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I completely agree that the size of the backpack is categorically insufficient and that it has long been requested to introduce the craft of its additional cells into the game. I’m not so sure about creating separate specialized bags, because, firstly, it’s not so easy to implement in terms of interface, and most importantly, one universal bag with 60 slots is much more profitable than two specialized bags with 40 + 20.

Equipped things do not take up space in the inventory in the current version, did not understand what I would like to correct in this sense?

Well, about the restructuring of hotkeys. It seems that the proposed option is an extremely unfortunate solution. Switching weapons / armor within the active hotbar by scrolling the mouse wheel means guaranteed misses in the number of clicks, and it’s very difficult to understand how many clicks you need to scroll and in which direction to switch to the right weapon. I have already suggested another option. There are current 3 lines of hotkeys, One is the main, the other two become available by holding alt or ctrl. You can leave the current switching by scrolling, but make it so that 2-3 seconds after switching the hotbar, it automatically returns to the main line.

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Thank you for your reply!

I would like to see a larger starting stack size for items, potentially, if possible. The way that the food has different "timings" for spoiling makes it difficult to stack them, but I also agree that we need a different system to avoid the backpack running out of space so quickly. I would agree with you that a larger backpack would be easier, as the idea of a specialized bag was more of a "last resort" suggestion if the backpacks weren't updated via size.

I apologize, I just realized that such was the case. There is nothing to correct in regard to tools taking up backpack space; I was mistaken..

While a hotkey solution may not be available, perhaps a coding or basic update could be made to the game to allow the hotpouches to function more like the Minecraft hotbar. Most other games allow for scrolling across items and having whichever item is highlighted as the current item. Currently, having to press hotkeys or number keys to access specific items is cumbersome and unintuitive, as one of the most common ways of utilizing a hotbar is to scroll through it. Most other games use this option, so I hope to see it come to Grounded.

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All these circular menus for choosing something in games are a legacy of console ports (a limited number of buttons on the gamepad), when developers have no time or are too lazy to write a separate interface for the PC. Native computer control is the direct assignment of a single keyboard or mouse button (or a combination of both) to a specific action. It is much more convenient, faster and more accurate to press one button on the keyboard than to get to the desired position in the list by scrolling the mouse wheel.

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I can understand where you're coming from, though after doing some looking, it appears that some other PC gamers have said the same thing about being frustrated with not being able to scroll across items in the hotbar.


My hope is that the devs will add an option for it so people can play with either setting.

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