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My power droplet is missing, add a recover missing trinkets option.

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Please for one second read this. When the power droplet first came out I had went a grabbed it. I don't know how but some how on the run back to base it had gotten out of my inventory. I'm sure I ran out of backpack space, and may have confused it with an aphid honeydew and tossed it. May have ate it, I dunno how it works. But long story short I have Scoured the entire map, ran back in forth, taken meaningless diving trips. All in search of my power droplet, that I never even got to use. Please add a mechanic to recover lost trinkets, i beg of you end my pain. Please get ahold of me, possibly put one into my game. It is my first world, my only one I play on, back in beta. Please contact me.

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