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Super Milk Molars and upgrades associated with them

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We have milk molars that upgrade player stats and mega milk molars that upgrade item stack size. Super milk molars would be associated with one time upgrades. The super molars would have to be really rare like only one per super upgrade, and the upgrades would have to be unlocked in order to buy them. With consumptions to limit the use of these huge upgrades

Possible Super upgrades:

  • Remote Survey:
    • Description - adds the ability to select resource remotely instead of having to go to a station every time.
    • Unlock - by using the resource survey a set number of times
    • Consumption - Similar to the resource scanner, only has a limited amount of charges per day
  • Accessories Upgrade:
    • Description - adds another slot to your accessories which gives you the ability to have 2 active trinkets.
    • Unlock - finding all of the ominent badges.
    • Consumption - if you add the tier of both trinkets, it cannot exceed 4. Example: you can have two tier 2 trinketsĀ or one tier 3 and one tier 1, cannot have a tier 3 and tier 2 or two tier 3s.
  • 9th Hotbar slot:
    • Description - adds a 9th hotbar slot to all three hotbar. Giving more slots for quick access. For console, have it in the middle of the radial or a secondary button press while holding tool button to select 9th slot.
    • Unlock - pick up a file some where or receive after completing some event.
    • Consumption - no consumption as this is relatively tame.

There are a lot of options here: add a new row of slots to inventory, add a 5th preset mutation combination, increase radius of chest detection for crafting and building, ect.

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