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I'll be starting a new RTwP POTD upscaled playthrough and am trying to make sure I balance my party. I'll be modding classes and some stats to make things work since I prefer to stick with companions/sidekicks instead of hiring voiceless npcs. I rotate characters out throughout the game based on area/quest/composition needed/my feelings. Just wanted to see if y'all think these would all around be good and that I'm not missing anything too critical. All suggestions and critiques are appreciated.

Main char - Bloodmage/streetfighter WotEP riposte tank. Tried already with SG and liked it so want to change it up.

Eder - FF/SG. Stats heavily modified for FF efficiency

Xoti - Her base priest/some kind of monk/cipher. Thinking helwalker with pistol(s?). Priest/beguiler also seems nice for a mix of buffs/debuffs and I'm already monk heavy.

Aloth - fighter/bloodmage with spirit lance

Serafen - Furyshaper/soulblade with Amra (base might modded to 20 should make amra work? will likely subtract from res)

Tekehu - MC no changes to class. Maybe some stats moved around.

Konstantin - Skald/berserker 

Fassina - Evoker/Assassin. Tried before and wasn't impressed but I may have just played poorly. Maybe evoker/fury?

Mirke - Nalpazaca/streetfighter combined with Pukestabber for a fully intoxicated dps monster

Ydwin - helwalker/ascendant (want to try with frostseeker but know that blunders are better)

Rekke - devoted/helwalker with Karaboru for crit build

Pallegina - troubador/kind wayfarer to remove her trash sworn enemy "upgrade" and make her the full support she was always meant to be

Maia - assassin/gunhawk

Vatnir - never actually played with him so will keep him vanilla



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For Pallegina you can also replace via the console the Wrath of the Five Suns ability with the upgraded version (Wrath_of_the Five_Suns_BrandEnemy).

Vatnir is great as bellower/priest of Rymrgand.

Rekke won't have enough accuracy with Karaboru - it's better to use Scordeo's Edge+Grave Calling.

Ydwin I think works better as a debonnaire/ascendant with either Frostseeker or Essence Interrupter.

Mirke works also very well with mortars.

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Swapped Eder and MC to get nature godlike on FF and human with streetfighter. 


Thanks for the feedback. You raise some questions.

Pallegina - Do you think that with that change she becomes more viable? I've tried a couple of herald builds from this forum for her as well as crusader but she always seems underwhelming. Doesn't really do anything that well so I figured relegating her to full support may make more sense.

Vatnir - I will try that, thank you.

Rekke - what is it that holds back his accuracy? My last run with him was berserker/devoted with the Voulge and he was a crit monster but I assume helwalker doesn't have the same hit to crit. Is there anything outside of re-doing the zerk/dev build that you would recommend to make it work? I'd like to be able to rotate between Karaboru and Twin Eels for flavor and team utility. I was planning to give grave calling to konstantin (who will be beckoner not skald).

Ydwin - the concept of a debonnaire is so strange to me. If I understand correctly, that build would work by charming enemies, auto attacking/rogue abilities until ascending, then using dots that don't break charm on the mind controlled enemies? Is it just the bonus to action economy from charm that makes it better or something else?

Mirke - I've read hundreds of posts expressing their love for blunderbuss builds but every time I try to make something with them they do 0 damage to anyone other than my front line unless I use avenging storm scrolls. Am I just playing/building poorly? I don't seem to understand how to make them work. Admittedly it has been a while since I tried anything with them so I may be misremembering their effectiveness later in the game. I know that on port maje island they left a lot to be desired.

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Posted (edited)

Pallegina has a mediocre distribution of stats across the board.

Her high resolve seems to indicate that she was designed for tanking, also being a paladin doesn't help her case, i think its a meh class.

IMHO she will never be great at anything but can be manageable as a support type.

This is the build that i am using for her in veteran, try it to see if suits your needs.

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Posted (edited)

She can be a Herald. That alone makes her a great option for most parties. Tankyness, support and (passive) healing as well as some spike damage.
Her subclass options are a bit unexciting though and not worth taking imo. But then just spare those ability points and put them somewhere else. Paladins have plenty of good abilities to pick from - so that shouldn't cause headaches.
While her subclass isn't too nice her godlike race is pretty good I think. Getting two resistances (INT, PER) right away is useful, you can spare 2 ability points for the paladin passives which do the same that way.   

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Pallegina will always be a tank/support anyway - having access to Brand Enemy gives her even more utility because using her zeal for something else is pretty underwhelming. She's a healing battery for the entire party and can become a walking fortress with the right equipment (Nomad's Brigandine+...Nor Flame, Nor Thrusted Blade, Death and Taxes (from Bardatto's Luxury) + Many Lives..., Stoic Steel, Akola's Apex Ward, Bracers and Cloak of Greater Deflection,... ) - she can achieve 20AR, very high defenses and healing without any external help.

Fighter/monk with dual sabres is a great combo - Scordeo's Edge gives 20acc, Grave Calling will freeze on crit giving more hit to crit, add also Fair Favor, maybe Ring of Prosperity's Fortune and you can easily achieve 50-60% hit to crit. Or you can try fighter/monk Rekke with one handed Mohorā Tanga and Bolt Catchers/The Left Hand of the Obscured. With a 2h you won't crit very often and Karaboru without high crit chance is pretty mediocre.

You don't have to do something special as a debonaire - just using Ring Leader as CC from time to time will grant you easy crits and focus refill.

Mirke with dual mortars and modal activated will trigger the streetfighter bonus. Place her behind a tank with Rekvu's Scorched Cloak equipped and she will heal him rapidly with Powder Burns while doing great AoE damage and applying bleeds and afflictions in an AoE.

For Konstanten try instead shooting Blightheart and spamming Her Revenge... from the second line. With Sure Handed..., Frenzy, Bloodlust and items you can attack very fast and every kill you do will add a phrase.


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Took some of your advice and made some other adjustments. Main char is now a shifter/streetfigher (FF is strong but extremely boring to play). He is pretty strong and requires a lot of micro which I like.

Pallegina - one of my strongest characters was a troub/KW dual wield build so I'm going to try that. I'll try your build on my next run @Kaylon Although with @Boeroer here I'm curious, what minor tweaks do you think she would need to be optimized for a blunderbuss build? Her immunity to the modal is already pretty strong in vanilla but I'm sure there is something stronger without changing her too fundamentally and streetfighter wouldn't work. Preferably not helwalker as I already have like 3 in my party.

Rekke - I've read up a bit more about crit builds and it looks like you're right so I'm going to go with zerker/devoted with Karaboru to see how it goes. I've never even seen that weapon so I am dead set on using it, but I will try your dual wield build next run. DoC breastplate so he doesn't wipe my team (like he did with cleave stance and lord daryn's voulge).

Ydwin - that makes sense it just seems a bit gimmicky. Is there any reason you'd suggest against helwalker/ascendant?

Mirke - That combo sounds amazing and I'll try it this run, thank you. Is there any reason to not swap her subclass to helwalker for this? Seems like it would improve everything she is trying to accomplish.

Konstanten - that also sounds amazing and very fast paced for making me micro more, I love it. 

Fassina - changed to helwalker/fury 

Aloth - to evoker/assassin. Seems pretty meme but getting stealth bonuses for AoE nukes is not something I see in many games so it must be done.

Xoti - running as beguiler/priest right now and am so far not impressed but she also doesn't have any of her good team buffs yet so I'll give it some time. With this combo if she misses her initial phantom foes she is basically useless for the entire fight outside of a couple heals/withdraw. Not sure what adjustments could be made.

Eder - started quite awful until I got arcane veil and now is able to survive most fights but requires a good amount of healing. I'm expecting a pretty major power spike once I get WotEP and a bit more gear/wizard buffs. 



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