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Cannot discover hedge ascent place please help

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I have almost 100% the game and the only thing left is one place in the hedge, which is the hedge ascent but I can't get the game to register the location. I have tried looking at it from different angles and locations still nothing...



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I'm sorry to hear that you all have had issues getting certain data points/landmarks in your game to unlock. I recommend submitting a support ticket, so we can properly investigate the issue. 

Obsidian Support

Please include the following information:

1. Platform (Xbox Console, PC Game Pass, PC Steam).
2. Multiplayer or Single Player Game (if multiplayer, can you tell us how many players in total in the game, and their platforms if known)
3. Difficulty level
4. Description of issue.
5. Last thing you did in the game before the issue occurred, if applicable.

Thanks, and sorry again for the frustration that this issue has caused you all!

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