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It would add a lot to have events that are optional where large or small parts of the map are effected like a mower event where you can have a part of the lawn be mowed and it sets a timer for like ten minutes or so where the grass is cut and creatures are out and mad like red ants will attack on sight and wolf spiders roam outside there area so you can get more loot at a higher challenge and then have some high tier creatures like black ox beetles spawn there or an event like heavy rain where a part of the yard floods and causes structures to be destroyed unless they have a buoyant foundation. It would also be cool to have a new map where instead of regrowing at the end of the game you are instead sent to a new area like the front yard where it would have a lot of the same resources, creatures and locations and, some new ones. The weather could even change between the maps such as when you go to the front yard it has been long enough for it to be winter where there is new gear like a winter jacket made form low level gnat fuzz and a better jacket made from bee or moth fuzz and it could add new structures made of snow or have it be spring where it rains and the rain could make you cold if you are wet to long and add rain gear like a clover hat to help keep dry.

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