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Not getting the new Xbox achievements from the most recent update (FOUND A WORK AROUND)

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Ever since the new update came out there has been three new achievements in game. I have been in lvl 5 max coziness for over 4 real time days now but I still haven't gotten that achievement as well as I've dupped a trinket and weapon so far and still haven't gotten that achievement either. Its a bit annoying considering I've also been having host randomly crash as well as I, water droplets falling off dew collectors when I leave the area and not being able to drink them on the ground because I'm not host and host sees them still on the dew collector, the sound of grass falling the "timber" sound for me has also not been happening on last hits more than 3/4 of the time, spider webs are invisible for me (again not host ), walls sometimes are fully built but still look like blueprints and the game has been more laggy when I open my inventory, mutations and all those ever since too. Safe to say im not happy at all right now.


Edit: Just defeated the wasp queen and host got the achievement and I did not. yeah no I'm not happy. (I have a Xbox game clip to back up killing her) to also add yesterday we did all mixers and we both got the one achievement for that right away, so it isn't Xbox nor all grounded achievements, just these new ones.( Can confirm the gotta peep them all achievement also works for only host and no one else still too)


Edit Number Two: WE FOUND A WORK AROUND! So we created a shared copy of the world and I hosted the world in this case, as soon as I loaded in as the host I got all 4 achievements I was missing instantly. Seems like only host is getting these achievements as of right now. I hope there's a actual fix soon!    ((Sorry for the roller coaster))

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more bugs ive noticed
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