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So anyone here still play RPGs? If so, what's at your table?

During the pandemic, I started to GM a few games online. I really hadn't played since the AD&D 2E era back when I was a teenager. Now I'm playing in-person again.

I initially got myself the 5E set and immediately disliked it. Characters are essentially superheroes and I dislike the overtly complex mechanics. Eventually I started following OSR and modern OSR circles.

Games I've run and really like:

  • Hyperborea (AD&D retroclone inspired by the stories of Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, and H.P. Lovecraft)
  • Old School Essentials (Retroclone of B/X D&D - the best D&D)
  • Traveller (Classic. Favorite character creation system, Science Fiction or otherwise)
  • Mothership (Survival Space Horror)
  • Shadowdark (Played with the quickstart set and just backed her $1.3m Kickstarter. Combines old school style with modern ease-of-use mechanics. My favorite and will be the game I run permanently)
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the past eight months o' Gromnir table-top role-play/wargaming has been... difficult. however, last summer we were running a coyote and crow campaign. am realizing how cliché it were for us to be doing coyote and crow, but in our defense, we were asked to do c&c and we expressed serious concerns before final acquiescing. 

the coyote and crow rulez is ez 'nuff to learn but not particular inspired or unique. even so, the campaign were going better than we had anticipated but it stagnated 'cause we had to take a break for personal reasons and nobody else wanted to gm. however, am having recent been asked if am willing to restart. "maybe," has been our answer but am trending towards a more optimistic, "hopefully."

HA! Good Fun!



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I used to play every weekend, almost every day when at vacation, but just before the pandemic I got burned out with 5e and the others weren't interested in changing to anything else. During the pandemic they went even further down the 5e rabbit hole and played online, something that doesn't suit me. I really dislike having maps and figurines and whatnot, I just want the gamemaster, dice, notepads and character sheets. I tried getting into playing it online for a while but it feels like ****, and I've not had an idea for a character in ages, so I haven't played for a year or something. We did try to start a Rogue Trader campaign back in July last year, but it fell off quickly and they went back to 5e online, so I stopped playing. Then with the OGL hubbub I deleted my roll20 and beyond accounts. They're getting back to the tabletop but they're playing ****ing Vampire which I dislike even more than 5e, I suggested letting me play a Princess: The Hopeful character, knowing full well that the GM say no, but he actually gave it consideration. Seems they miss me :(

I've played way to many systems to count, but my favourites are 2d20 (Conan and Mutant Chronicles) & Fantasy Flights Warhammer 40k games (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and so on).

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Does games of Horus Heresy and Kill team count? 😇

I know, it's more tabletop wargaming than roleplaying, but if you play story based missions and narrative campaigns, the differences are easy to overlook...

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