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Best priest spells for BPM trials upscaled POTD solo?

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I'm running a blood mage with maximum available cheese, have all trials on but wael / magran / iron, just got major grimoire imprint and the encounter with Beina presents a huge number of priest spells to steal. So many in fact I can't take them all. The abilities bar doesn't wrap around, it just extends until you can't click on the abilities any longer, so I figure you can take about 16 to 20 priest/druid spells depending how many other abilities you have in your bar from weapon modals and items and such. It takes a long time to steal spells with the blood sacrifice nerf and no strand of favor, but I made a script that goes pretty quickly on fast mode. I can console out spells if I decide they suck later so better to pick too many than too few probably. Might do an "ultimate" style BPM run eventually, although the challenge level has gone from high to low almost the second I hit L16 so IDK if I'll try with this build or figure out something else.


Beina has shining beacon, finishing blow, shadowing beyond, spiritual ally, divine terror. Plus the level 1 to 3 spells escape, spiritual weapon, repulsing seal, divine mark, barbs of condemnation, interdiction, pillar of faith, and maybe dire blessing. I'm L16 so she doesn't seem to have L7 spells being a multiclassed cipher / skaen. 

The goldpact priests are Berath and have three spells per level.  Touch of Rot, Restore, Suppress Affliction, Holy Meditation, Withdraw, Iconic Projection, Spreading Plague, Watchful Presence, Consecrated Ground, Divine Terror, Circle of Protection, Triumph of the Crusaders, Rot Skulls, Barring Death's Door, Champion's Boon, Salvation of Time, Minor Intercession, Spiritual Ally, Rusted Armor, Cleansing Flame, Minor Avatar, and Shields for the Faithful. 

Between the two of them they have nearly every priest spell I'd want (besides Devotions and Woedica writs).

Already have withdraw, escape, restore. Obviously I want finishing blow and shadowing beyond. Maybe shining beacon? From the berath priests, Barring Death's Door (even nerfed it is awesome), Salvation of Time (same). Probably Champion's Boon, Rot Skulls, Rusted Armor, Shields for the Faithful. Circle of Protection is nice but duration fixed 20 seconds. Minor Avatar probably. I don't really know what else. These slots also compete with druid spells I may want to steal, but probably just a few of those.

Anyone know who has Devotions for the Faithful btw? 

Then again maybe most of these spells don't really matter because with shadowing beyond I am basically invincible, but there are a ton of good spells for buffing phantoms and such. I'd originally intended to be summoning and buffing phantoms from stealth and later invisibility. With the right equipment (cape of the falling star, one dozen stood, unstable coil etc) they can theoretically do a lot of damage on death, but the implementation is kinda buggy so I'm no longer sure this is the best tactic. 

Also been wondering if an ultimate style run is possible without stealing spells, because the challenge level at this point has gone down a lot...I think maybe I could do it with just withdraw. Possibly even without if I really avoided as much combat as possible and collected all possible withdraw scrolls. The main issue necessitating spell theft in my mind is Vela and BPM fights taking much longer than in vanilla since no strand of favor leads to you needing a ton of withdraw scrolls. Or...might be possible with a blood mage / skaen chugging potions of enlightenment, using the priest side of resource renewal to keep vela alive. You get one resource per 30 seconds from potions of enlightenment and withdraw lasts 30 seconds, so you could devote all resource renewal towards withdraw or most of it, with occasional priest spells supplemented with withdraw scrolls. 

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