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Is Poko Kohara / Dim Prospects necessary prereq to do Sayuka's Overgrowth quest?

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Hello, doing an ultimate run and in the past always did Poko Kaharo but I really get nothing from going to the island and doing the quest besides a fairly small amount of XP... I do have to go to Tikawara for the Nature's Resolve upgrade, but still, sailing to Poko Kahara and back, plus going through the Engwithan Waystation probably costs 3 days? And I don't get any items relevant to my build. 3 days is significant with Woedia + Eothas challenge.

So I'm wondering what happens if I don't do the quest. Will I be able to do the Sayuka quests after Ashen Maw, or does it jump to The Final Maneuver? I want to do Overgrowth because of the Savage Cunning boon, but it is a large time investment for a questionable payoff sailing to Poko Kahara first...


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