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Ability to Teleport Pets to Player or Pet House

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Please add the ability to teleport pets. Many bases are built with the idea of not allowing bugs inside of them, making pets almost entirely null if you wish to have one. 
I live in a base I made on the side of the big tree, it would be nice to be able to teleport a weevil or aphid up to my home and keep them safe.

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Absolutely I've had to kill 2 aphids because they managed to escape the fencing and ended up at the bottom of the koi pond. Still alive, and still a pet till they got too sad, but totally useless. Especially after the new update where they actually have to be with you. And my gnat gets stuck everywhere. Lost home twice in the fire ant hill and then he totally disappeared in the sandbox and I not only had to tame a new gnat but make more armor for it too. 

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yeah... Pets right now are... not great. And a pretty easy first fix for that would be to give them a basic teleport mechanic where if they are more than x distance from the player, they teleport behind the player. That alone would resolve so many issues. Pet inventory could be actually used, since you wouldn't be worried about your pet getting lost or stuck, and getting pets into bug-free bases would actually be possible as well.

I'm honestly fine with my pets being entirely cosmetic, as long as I can have them wandering around my base where it's safe.

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