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Multiple issue report with multiplayer.

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My friend and I have multiple issue playing the multiplayer, with the game lagging and stuttering whenever auto save happen as well as crashing after playing for about 2 hours. The crashes also happen at around 2am EST as well. The game also have issue tracking where we actually are when we play and only catch up if we jump, normally it isnt an issue but with multiple zipline network setup, randomly getting move when you are on one mean either certain dead if we are not looking or a really long run back to base. There also a recent issue with long lines of the ground texture just floating in the air, and it not like the ground beneath it is missing as well, it just that there are just line of ground texture floating randomly all over the place. These line also have graphic collision as well so that is also a thing. The sour candies in our world is also not respawning at all, yes I am talking about the one that can respawn. the smoothies station is also bug and wont let the client side of thing craft more than one smoothies at a time so we keep needing to back out of the menu and back in if we want to craft them. And can you please make it so friendly fire isnt just a customized world choice? why is friendly fire off isnt a thing in the fist place?

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