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A rare type of food only found in certain spots: Oranges But With a twist

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So there is Sour weapons in the game But what if there was upgrades beyond tough and mighty. What if there was oranges that barley spawn But you can use rinds or fresh bits to upgrade to citrius... citrus can be like a secret type of element tht does not show till you get a citrus weapon. And, you could do others like upgraded mints(like spearmint),Spicy upgrade[Hot cha cha's xtreme(diffrent color theme)] ect.

Note: could not think of any spicy upgrade versions

Note: another way these upgrades can be used as are combos of elements like spicy and sour or mint and sour or even spicy mint some way could way for these upgrades to work. I don't think this idea is good though and could be OP  

Or you can use citrus rinds as A defense tactic But... It actracts some bug and repel others. For instance, Lady bugs do not like the scent of citrus So you can us it to get lady bird (including larvaes) or ladybugs (also including larvae).


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