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Question: Pets

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Just curious if anyone knows if they plan on doing anything more with the pets that isn't just cosmetic?

I would really Love some sort of training mechanism or mechanic that would let us teach our pets a few basic commands.

"Come", "sit", (or "hover", in the gnat's case), "stay" and "hide", for example. Maybe even require making "treats" to train them with, baked in the oven or cookery.

Especially since the cookery is almost useless, as is. Why would you want to go through all that trouble and spend all that time when a basic bug roast usually heals you more than the recipes you have to spend your (barely enough) Raw Science points just to unlock?

Yes, the meals they provide have some buffs and other benefits, but generally speaking, I hardly EVER cook with the cookery. I take a couple of spare weevil roasts, and I'm usually good. 

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If you haven't tried the cookery meals, you may not have noticed, but they all give a buff that "freezes" your hunger for 15+ minutes. If you plan on going on long adventures they are a huge boon, because a single meal will not just fill up your hunger, but keep your hunger from going down at all the rest of the day.

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Hmm. I will have to check into that one. I have used the meals, on occasion. Usually it's for the specific buff, though. 

Whenever I have the right things to make something, food-wise, I usually do, but I sure don't remember it freezing my hunger bar for no 15 + minutes. Maybe I just didn't notice. It's certainly possible.

I know it says "well-fed" for a little while, but after running halfway across the yard, or fighting a few tougher bugs, I typically need to eat to heal, anyway. Maybe that does take 15 + minutes in game time. I dunno. 

It would still be cool to "bake" treats for pets, though. I know you can "feed" them, but it would be cool to be able train them, too.

One reason I don't take a pet with me very often is because ants (in particular) like to kill weevils and the spiders love to kill the aphids.

I have managed to keep my gnat, (Bitsy) alive, though. I don't think she likes her house being inside my house, though. Lol.

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I highly suggest instead of using food for healing, use trash smoothies. Mix a muscle sprout with any three items that aren't a smoothie recipe, and you'll get a smoothie that instantly heals a big chunk of health. Great way to use up trash bug parts you don't need and keep a good supply of healing on hand.

I do like your pet ideas though!

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