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Backpack expansion per lab/boss completion

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To fix inventory problems, simply let us have more inventory space when we complete labs/defeat bosses.

as we progress in the game, we are carrying more and more things on us everywhere. Where I am sitting, I only have 9 slots open at any given time, this is because every other slot is holding equipment/ food/repair items/etc. when I go to the upper yard.. or anywhere for that matter. I have to make sure that I am only grabbing what I want/ what I went out for, because do anything else, and I am dropping half the loot I had gathered.

onto the fix, This solution is a solution that lots of other games come up with. Reward the player for progressing and getting deeper into the game, by awarding more inventory space. A backpack mechanic would seem difficult with the UI in the inventory screen. Is the advanced pack going to drop upon death, how is it going to go on the character, how are you going to access the items within the bag. On PC it is easy, but on Console I see the UI already a nightmare to navigate through. Like imaging I am rummaging through all my back packs trying to find a certain heal item before I get pounded into the ground. With backpacks the UI becomes cluttered/complicated. These reasons I don’t like backpacks for.

Instead I think you should reward players with inventory slots, after completing one of the various challenging activities in the game. Meaning; defeating a boss for the first time, or completing a lab. Depending on which one you do, it would award you different amounts of inventory space. This way, you are rewarding players for progressing through the game, with a better way to progress through the game. It would also serve as a milestone tracking mechanic. A new person would know how far someone is through the game by the fact they have more inventory space unlocked.

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I'm just going to repeat this here, as I agree late game inventory management while going on resource runs is a pain. 


Most inventory issues could be alleviated if they made items equiped to the Hot Pouch not take up Backpack inventory space, similar to how armor and the trinket slots function. That, and if something breaks it stays in the slot but is unusable/doesn't give perks, and not defaults back to the backpack or worse drop on the ground.


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Honestly, I REALLY like both of those thoughts. Either give us more inventory space as we progress OR make hot pouch items NOT take up inventory space. (Dont need to do both, of course.)

After all, in MOST games of these kinds,  a few favorite weapons or tools would be attached to a tool belt, or clipped to or sheathed in a scabbard attached to the harness of your armor, ect. NOT stuffed in your crowded backpack full of food, bug parts and other resources.

And by the gods, yes! Please give us a separate GLIDER slot from the trinket/charm box. I have died SO many times getting knocked off somewhere while having a builder or anti-gas badge equipped thus, not having the tuft available to deploy, if I even had the chance.

The upper yard bugs especially LIVE and LOVE to send your characters flying off the edge of ANYTHING they possibly can. 

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