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The Charcoal canteen needs to be changed.

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The idea of the canteen having a very limited durability bar, for a crappy gimmick and 2 extra liquid storages is dumb. I can just see me dropping that thing so many times because it “broke”, and my inventory is always full. But if it breaks it still holds the liquid that is stored, and you can drink out of it, which brings me to my concern. The durability bar should only go down when you put ‘nasty-water’ inside. Also, the you should still be able to pick up water when it’s durability empty. The durability bar, should simply be the amount of times you can convert nasty water into drinkable water. Because the repair item needed is the ever-charcoal. It stands to suggest the reason it needs repair, is that the burning rocks inside the pouch have been cooled. Therefore putting new one in would give its ability to purify water once more.


As it stands right now, the Coal canteen is a gimmick, without a decent purpose. It is encouraging me to target nasty-water, and skip perfectly clean dew-drops. This has been an oversight, and it lack the true potential you could have given this item. Do better.

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No, I am sorry, but you are WRONG, sir. (or whatever title you "prefer").

I first used the charcoal canteen in a custom game (while still learning how to play) and was VERY annoyed at how late in the game you DO finally get access to it, as well as how hard it is to make.

In a true survival situation, clean water is one of the top three MUST haves; food, water, shelter. Then, maybe you have time to make weapons and armor.

You can't even GET a charcoal piece until you have a full set of the RIGHT armor. (Unless you don't mind dying repeatedly, of course.)

Do you have ANY idea how rare dew drops CAN be, depending on WHEN and WHERE in the yard you are playing?

Once the sun gets high enough, MOST of them evaporate! I've even had it happen WHILE I was running up to it!

The REASON a charcoal piece is needed is because it FILTERS the water. (Like the charcoal filters in fish tanks.)

Yes,  I agree each "dirty" water scoop should be what decreases the durability, but it's not because the piece "cools" off. (Who would drink hot water and then say it's  "refreshing"?)

And, believe me, once you get to the upper yards, where it is ALL dry grass and weeds that dew drops DONT spawn on, water becomes a lot more difficult to get. 

6 scoops is GREAT to have, by end game. I have only run out of water once, after I got that canteen, and that was my own fault because I forgot to refill it while at a base. 

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I don’t know why you are coming at me with hostility. It is as if you read the post title, made your own assumption of what I said, then tried to make a situation where you are right when I am wrong. We both agree that dirty water being put into the canteen should be when the durability goes down, which is what I argued. I simply said that you should also be able to put any water in it even when the durability bar is empty. If you read around and use the context of where I said cooled off you will notice that I was talking about the burning rocks inside of the pouch.

the boiling burning rocks is what is needed to filter the dirty water yes we both agree there. But that only happens when you can boil the water to filter it. If the burning rocks stop burning then you can’t filter the dirty water though. Your point about no one wanting to drink hot/warm water? Do your research before commenting. Yes I understand that 6 scoops is nice to have. I was being overly compensating with my statement to evaluate my point on the fact you should still be able to use it as a regular canteen even if the durability bar is empty. As the durability bar is tied to the cleansing mechanism within the pouch. I tell you, water really isn’t that big of a deal, I have been to the upper yard. I have killed three black widow’s, killed Schmector, the Mant, haven’t gotten to the Mantis. I have been all around up there. Yes water barely spawns up there though there are plenty of juice boxes. When I am home I fill up my 4 drop canteen my thirst bar, then I go out. You know, water isn’t really that much of a bother. When I do run out, I can usually either find a decent substitute, or find dewdrops because yes they do spawn up there it is just hard to find, or I am already going back to the base. Yes I can see where the 6 drop canteen is nice to have, though I would rather not have to worry about a durability bar that is more than likely to empty at the wrong moment. As my inventory is always full, I can just see the amount of times I would drop it trying to scoop up some water while I am up there. The. I gotta worry about leaving something behind because my inventory is always full. I made valid point, that you simply skipped over because you just wanted to argue for the sake of an argument.

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