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Please change how broken gear works

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I lost two chest pieces so far that I had upgraded a lot because of the way gear works when it breaks. If you have full inventory when your gear breaks it drops on the ground with just a tiny icon if you are really close to it when you try to find it. This is extremely frustrating because it’s usually happening when I am around enemies trying to survive. So when it drops, I don’t notice and only find out later after Ive grabbed my bag and thinking I successfully made it out. So by that point I have no idea where my gear could be. 

The solution is simple. Broken gear should still be equipped and NOT returned to your inventory upon breaking. It should have no stats or perks since it is broken but there is no reason it should enter your inventory because things like this happen. Please allow broken gear to remain equipped so you don’t lose it.

Another thing that would help is the ability to scan for gear in the resource surveyor. If our gear does get dropped then at least allow us to scan and find it that way. 

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I just read the latest patch notes and I am extremely happy with all the notes. Especially how broken gear will remain equipped with no stats so we won’t lose it anymore. Thank you for changing that! That’s gonna help so much 

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