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Steam Purchase: Unable to connect to Xbox Live "Failed to load URL... (full error in post)"

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Just bought this game on Steam, was excited to play with friends! When I load the game it asks for me to log into Microsoft/Xbox and when I enter my information and click next, instead of giving login info, it goes to a white screen with the following information:

Failed to load URL https://account.live.com/Consent/Update?mkt=EN-US&uiflavor=host&id=290794&ru=https://login.live.com/oauth20_authorize.srf%3fuaid%3d413c629a583944eab7ba040947454fd0%26opid%3d9655CD23B1E1B471%26mkt%3dEN-US%26opidt%3d1665932511 with error ERR_CONNECTION_RESET (-101).

I've tried reinstalling the game, verifying the steam cache, logging out of Microsoft accounts across my Windows 11 laptop, logging into my microsoft accounts from the Xbox app, launching the game from both steam and the xbox app, updating the Xbox and Xbox companion app, disabling all windows security features...

Nothing works. It's pretty bad for a game that advertises crossplay to not even allow me to connect to Microsoft from a Microsoft machine! Hopefully someone can help me here. 

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