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Clay is SO underused!

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I've been playing Grounded for several hundreds of hours now, (since after the hot and hazy update) and I am STILL really disappointed about how little used our "Clay" resource is.

Even In a "simulated" survival situation, clay would be an extremely valuable resource!

You could easily make thing like: smaller storage containers, dishes to eat from, various cooking implements, waterproofing for different items, and of course, Adobe-style building pieces, paving bricks, and even insulated walls or floors.

I know more and better base decorations are one of the most requested items that the community has been begging for from the start, and the functionality of Clay in their crafting process would also be both logical and possible. 

So, could someone (meaning the devs or other helpful coders) please make clay a little more useful? If we can build a spinning wheel, why not a pottery wheel? Pretty please, with grub goo on top? ;)

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