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Bees sometimes lose aggro mid-fight

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Another attempt at posting this message
Platform: PC Steam
Singleplayer/Multiplayer: Multiplayer (Shared world)
Playercount: Both 2 and 3 players
While fighting a bee with a bow, it will sometimes (not always, but often enough to be noticeable) completely lose aggro and fly away from me or my friends. This can happen while it flies toward us and even after the bee starts its Charging attack, where it will veer off away from me or my friend and just fly off, until we attack it again, after which it will regain either of us as a target and start the combat over again.
This does not seem to happen when I fight a bee in melee range.
Last thing I did before the issue occurred:
Aggro/hit a bee with a Crow Crossbow + [Normal] Arrow

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