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[MOD] Navy of Deadfire | Looking for a copywriter

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I am finishing a mod that adds 7 unique ships and 2 new ship types to the game.

> The two new ship types are Xebec and Heavy Galleon. They can be bought from Neketaka shipyard

> Five unique ships (with unique stats) can be captured by boarding respective vessels:

  • The Servant of Rikuhu - unique voyager - captained by Wheneha (by default spawns when you have -3 Reputation with Huana)
  • The Terror of the Deadfire - unique xebec- captained by Arteiro (by default spawns when you have -3 Reputation with Principi)
  • Aim'Spirente - unique heavy galleon - captained by Estulario (by default spawns when you have -3 Reputation with VTC)
  • The Royal Leviathan - unique junk - captained by Hazanui Yaro (by default spawns when you have -3 Reputation with RDC)
  • The Heaving Harlot - unique junk - captained by Fyrgist

> Two ships can be found/looted as "ship in a bottle" item after defeating some land enemies:

  • Ship in a bottle (Black Dhow) (unique dhow) can be looted from a specific named fampyr
  • Ship in a bottle (Black Pearl) (unique galleon) can be found in a bookcase behind one unnamed lich

> Also the mod slightly edits the stats of Fonferrus and Blade of Takowa:






The main thing left to do is: add custom ship stories/descriptions.

For now I have put generic ones. But if anyone feels inspiration and wants to contribute, that would be great! :)

P.S. Few screenshots:












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