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Decorations and Traps

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I heard that the developers were looking for some ideas for new traps and decoration items so I threw together a quick list of some I’d like to see added in.


- Archery Target

- Bench

- Calendar (displays how many days you’ve survived)

- Chandelier (Sap, Slime Mold)

- Clay Pot (Can grow things in them like sprigs or mushrooms)

- Couch

- Fireplace (made out of mushroom bricks)

- Flags (use the same pictures as sign frames)

- Fuzz Rugs (Mite, Gnat, Bee, Etc.)

- Map (wall mounted map of the yard)

- Pebblet Fence

- Rope Ladder

- Shelf (similar to ones found in labs, they act as both a storage unit and a display for items and resources, comes in two variants: standing and wall mounted)

- Weapon Rack


- Element Traps (Spicy, Mint, Sour, Salt)

- Gas Trap (Sprays gas cloud when triggered)

- Sticky Trap (slows enemies down)

- Tripwire Alarm (basic alarm trigger)

- Web Trap (snares small and medium sized creatures)

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