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Bug suggestion: Jumping spider neutral spiders oh my.

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Neutral spiders what can this be...  they are cute, fluffy and have 4 eyes the jumping spider. Unlike other spiders they will not be outright hostile instead acting like any other neutral bug just wondering around until provoked. the main thing about these cute little house spiders is the fact they are smart, like really smart.

IRL house spiders are one of the smartest types of spiders, one of a few insects who have been seen doing play behavior though we still are not sure on that. In game that can be augmented, with pure science having been used and their brains improved. Making jumping spiders one of the few combat allies you can get in the yard. this is done by taming, though you also need to find a specific type of moss and learn how to craft jumper nests, jumper posts, and jumper saddles, to take full advantage of these fast moving arachnids. Unlike other spiders with the Arachnophobia setting they become more robotic and are replaced with "jump mounts" which have two legs.


Gameplay functions

1. can be tamed via giving them a grub paste which they will happily eat.

2. Can be ridden around the yard, note when riding them they can climb walls and jump rather high but are a target for the Koi in the water, that and they can't swim that well.

3. they can "assigned" to a jumper post, while there they will deter other insects from coming close while hunting smaller insects acting as a passive food collector note they eat any food that remains there to long.

4. They can put in a jumper nest, this will produce spider silk and eggs. No clue what the eggs can be used for. Jumpers in nests require grub paste or else they might leave.


advanced gameplay functions

1. player can find a helmet somewhere that they can put on the jumping spiders, it increases their intelligence and allows them to talk. We all need someone to talk to after all. (no clue why just thought it would be cute.)

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