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Official KOTOR: AE FAQ


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No, it is a totally seperate game with a totally seperate launcher and wont reaplace a thing. Its just a copy of the kotor directory with major changes to it. Thus since its an entirely new game can't be labeled mod because although it is an edited KOTOR, it will not be attached or replace anything in KOTOR 1. And Raven, you shouldn't talk like you know everything when you don't, it sounds so stupid. If you want to know whats going on then join the team or just at least visit the forums and find out almost EVERYTHING that we are doing to allay your doubts or your i know everything about nothing talk.

go back to the bio forums man, you say its a seperate game, then why are you reusing the kotor models? this 'mod' is a fraction of your puny imagination which will never happen, or it will suck because you haventh a clue what your doing. so quit making an ass of yourself and shut up already!


oh, and why would there be an FAQ about something as pathetic as this anyway?

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Hey, its a "sequel" in between kotor 1 and kotor 2 so duh it will have kotor models in it. It doesnt take place 900 years after all of this stuff. I would elect some of those statements to be something off of the top of your head that dont mean anything and make no sense just so you can have something mean to say. Actually, I know quite a bit about modding. Quit saying I havent a clue.

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Heh, I know everything about what Im doing. Though I havent realeased many mods, I know almost every aspect of modding and I consider myself to be a master because of it. Im sure holowan wouldnt agree because they havent seen any of my work. And hey, its a "sequel" in between kotor 1 and kotor 2 so duh it will have kotor models in it. It doesnt take place 900 years after all of this stuff. Your the one who dosent have a clue about what your talking about.

cmon, show me a mod you made, wait, you haventh! so go learn before you start making stuff up! your the amster of making stuff up, just like you said. you got modding confused with lieing

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This thread really belongs on bio's boards. however, since we have quite a few people who might be interested, these threads about AE are currently staying.


But, if I start getting complaints about the trolling and flaming going on in these threads, they will cease to exist.

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Take a look at the Unreal community or Q3 communities....

To the mgnails syndicate. If you are easily offended and don't like to look at yourselves critically, do not read this post. This is not meant to be a flame, but yet another set of reasons why people feel the way they do about this whole grand mod thing.


Thank you.



I'm not sure what MG wants to do with the combat thing now. hmmmm whatever.

Exactly what we want to know. Funny how he seems to think this thing is fairly far along, yet all of his associates who come here seem to be misinformed, or oblivious, as to what mgnails wants.


Alot of people are working on this, and rather than alot of doubts we'd appecriate some enthusiasm if u don't mind.

Keep in mind, the people on the holowan boards have been reading about this magical mystery mod since the beginning of the year. The initial enthusiasm is long gone. People want to start seeing something other than new web sites and forums every other month.


It's kind of anoying to keep reading "it'll never get done" while ur working. Mods are made for the community, and the community should appreciate the efforts of those who try.

Believe it or not, we are those communities. But lip service isn't enough. Alledged team members coming on board with "...I have no proof yet, but..." doesn't cut it.


We work long and hard retexturing, modeling, writing, scripting, coding. If u have constructive comments and suggests about how we might better the mod then please post them, post ur ideas. Deconstructive comments about our imment failure however are not welcome.

You don't have much of a choice. If you post and post and post about how wonderful and awesome something is, yet dodge the bullet every time someone wants to see it, you're going to get criticism. I've been working for a long time, and this is true of any endeavor. It's best that, if what you are doing is legit, you just let the critiques roll off...ie: grow a thicker skin.


We do not work to be constantly told that it will fail, it will collapse, ur liars and cheats.

Again...thicker skin. If you let your feelings and emotions control your life, and allow those comments to affect your thinking, you will not be as successful in life as your potential may show.


U don't like the mod? fine, don't download it.

What mod? OH! The one mgnails has alledgedly been working on since the beginning of the year.


Big reason why I, personally, don't think this will ever get done unless someone new takes the helm... mgnails said himself that he can't code, retexture or work models. Yet he can do everything else. Take a close look at who you are working with here and read that statement again. Coding, textures and models are about 90% of a mod, are they not? The rest is story development, dialog and marketing. I will admit, mgnails can sure set up a web site and forum...and talk up a huge storm, but that is about all the work I've seen complete on this mod so far.


We've posted screenies and still the onslaught of doubt comes. What do u want from us? a demo? we're not far enough along.

The screen shots could have been done by anyone using a screen shot of the KoTOR 1 game and photoshop. Same with the armor reskins and lightsaber colors. There are many people who have the skills to do these simple tasks as evident on the KoTOR 1 mod sites. So, yes, until something truly original comes along, I think that most of us want to see a working model, at least, prefereably a demo, but a simple mpeg would be nice.


We only started a month or so ago.

According to my recollections, mgnails has been working on this for quite some time now. Whenever he posts about it, he speaks in near-completion terms...not planning-stage terms. "All we need now..." "We're almost..." "I just need....and I will be able to release..." Go back into the archives at holowan and read them. I'm not making this up.


I've seen great mods with demos that take "YEARS" to create, and those were just the demo. We hope to get alot done in a few "MONTHS" major canges have not been as of yet completed. Therefor u would whine constantly unendingly about how little we had done. I'm not trying to offend u, I am trying to explain something.

And so am I. I'm not trying to offend you, either. But be real. Many of the people here have frequented the holowan and bioware KoTOR forums. We've all read with enthusiasm mgnails claims and promises. We all waited. And in the end, all we got was one delay after another. One "I've decided to integrate the mod I've been workjing on into an even bigger one..." after another. No offense to you or any of the other relatively new team members, but the boy cried wolf one time too many...now we want to see some blood before we come running.

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I set up a site where I will post screenshots and downloads. VIEW IT! Some things on the site you might like and enjoy as small mods. I will update regularly so dont go asking "is that it?" because I have many more screenshots and downloads I will post. Those model pictures arent ingame but that is what WILL be ingame once we get our hands on a better model importer. http://www.freewebs.com/kotor15/

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Have you stated a PROJECTED completion date yet?


I think a major problem is you keep telling us about all these features, but then follow it up with not knowing how long this will take. Obviously it might be difficult to come up with an exact date, since the people working on it are volunteers and sometimes "real life" creeps in. But if you actually have a game plan in place, then estimating when it should be done should be a given.


Here's basically an analogy of what we (those who are skeptical) feel: You're promising to build us a house. You promise great features like a swimming pool in the back, huge bedrooms, crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling in the main foyer....but you don't tell us when the house will be done. Could you imagine how a buyer would react if a construction company said "actually, we're not sure when your house will be finished, but we plan to add all these features to it. so just bear with us!".


Not giving an estimation of when it'll be completed is basically telling us you don't really have a good plan in place of what needs to be done, and estimates of how long these things will take.


I think the best thing to do if you don't want anymore complaining or any more "insults" is: 1)Give a target date when you expect it to be done by or 2)Don't mention it again until you're far enough along that you can show real progress to the skeptics. Coming on the boards and posting every other day about such and such a feature, or such and such a design, but then not having anything to show for it just asks for flaming.

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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Ok......... If all goes according to plan even with real life interferences I would project this up for release in 6 months max . Most probably in early November. Right now I am going to finish up all of the modules from KOTOR 1 that will be in KOTOR AE. Planets like Mannan, some of Kashyyyk, Leviathan, Korriban. These planets dont require new models so I will most likely use them for screenshots until we have more models made and a decent importer. Without Element X, we have to rely on cchargin who is doing good at cracking the model format. But all we can get ingame right now using his tools is simple models but he has new stuff coming out often enough to have the whole thing cracked in 6 months.

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I set up a site where I will post screenshots and downloads. VIEW IT!  Some things on the site you might like and enjoy as small mods.  I will update regularly so dont go asking "is that it?" because I have many more screenshots and downloads I will post.  Those model pictures arent ingame but that is what WILL be ingame once we get our hands on a better model importer. http://www.freewebs.com/kotor15/

no offense but that crap is lame. if that's what you've been spending the last 6 months or whatever on then you have a very long way to go to get it anywhere near palatable.


The first screenshot could of been a screencap from when you're escaping the leviathan. kamino city is nothing more than a basic poly model which any nublet using milkshape could of put together. the Dark Force User's head "Texture" is nothing more than a skin. I did give you the benefit of the doubt up until now. Perhaps I'm wrong and you've got a whole catalouge of screenies that would actually make want to play this but as of right now I think you may have been better off posting some concept art instead.


I normally don't rip into people that do mods simply because I respect the effort but after all this big talk about how grand this mod was going to be I can see that it's nothing more than just that. If you really want to see a mod that people put a lot of effort and time into check out the Freelancer The Next Generation mod over at starfyre studios. Even if you don't like any of it you still have to respect the amount of work they've put into making that mod what it is today.

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I set up a site where I will post screenshots and downloads. VIEW IT! Some things on the site you might like and enjoy as small mods. I will update regularly so dont go asking "is that it?" because I have many more screenshots and downloads I will post. Those model pictures arent ingame but that is what WILL be ingame once we get our hands on a better model importer. http://www.freewebs.com/kotor15/

The dark force users head need more work on the eyes, they look like they've been done in MS Paint at the moment. Can't say for the rest of the shots, they look way too pre-mature to give a proper critizism.

"Some men see things as they are and say why?"
"I dream things that never were and say why not?"
- George Bernard Shaw

"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man."
- Friedrich Nietzsche


"The amount of energy necessary to refute bull**** is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."

- Some guy 

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Very astute, that is the lev when you were escapeing it. Chemix was just trying to see if the Lev was a 3d model or just a 2d model. All of those were done in photoshop 7 just done pretty quickly. Has anyone tried out the downloads? you just open up the rars, copy the files inside them, and paste them into your override folder of your SWKOTOR directory to see them work. And as I said those are only a few screenshots and far away from being all of them. And kamino, thats not finished, thats just concept really and it was made in 3ds max

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Check the site, I uploaded some more screenshots and a download or two. http://www.freewebs.com/kotor15



no really...what was that? you should use something better than paint, and try to make the colors seem more, how should i explain.... the whole blue bastila thing isnt working at all.....


and you should learn to model at least a little better before you make a mod. the city you made isnt a city at all, its more like a.... i dont know yet.


maybe buy photoshop or find a nice program like coral, which should be cheap by now, and start over. your 'new malak' is just the guy on the front page, show the actual malak reskin.


the guy at the bottom of the page isnt too good, you shouldnt even add it. the only good thing i see are the kath hound reskin and the leviathan reskin, but who likes that turret agme anyway? and their only reskins, you cant take a reskin pack and call it a mod. why not try to create player models to make it a little more interesting instead of seeing the same ones with facepaint.


you did almost nothing with the malak (the one on the ender spire), just painted his face.


everything that you made was reused form the first one, except for your city, which the city sort of sucks (no offence, and i know your just starting it so dont get upset). but you should have been able to do more in 6 months.


im not flaming you, these are just suggestions

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I consider that constructive critisism and since you were nice about it Ill be nice about it too. Actually, the guy on the front is the malak 3d model so him on the front is the actual reskin. Though I will post some more ingame screenshots of him. Kamino is no where near finished but it will be. Also, all of those textures were done in photoshop. I don't think paint can export and edit the tga images that make up the textures so we had to use photoshop. And I didnt do any of those. I havent posted any of my work up there. That is all Chemix's work. Although we started 6 months or so ago, we really are sort of starting over. Originally, every area in the game was just going to be a retextured copy of one of the areas from KOTOR 1 but then we learned that we can get or will be able to get new models ingame. So, we really have just started the game over so most of those textures wont be used ingame anyways because we will be making mostly new models. We just started on models BTW so Kamino is really all we can show for it now. Most of these textures that are up there are just saying that we were working on things in the past 6 months and that we havent just been talking about it. And the textures are actually pretty hard to do because the images look wierd, I'll post a screenshot of what the texture looks like and how it would be hard to identify whats an arm and whats a leg. And also, the turret minigame is planned to be recoded so you can actually fly the ebon hawk instead of just operate the turrets to make it more interesting but Im not so sure we will get to that. The Lev there is just a test to see if there was a real Leviathan 3d model so that we could put it anywhere we wanted as a placeable object.

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ok, i uploaded a screenshot of what the texture looks like, can you find the leg?


This mod will consist of 9 planets, 2 ships, and 3 stations in a list its something like this:





Rebuilt Dantooine


Unknown World


Yavin IV





The Galaxy Forge

The Dark Forge

Yavin Station



Ebon Hawk

Leviathan (probably going to have a more original name)


Your party will look alot different, you will have:

Jedi Master Pascal Neder

Revans Padawan (need a name)

Yuthura Ban




my character (suggestions for a name?)

Exar Kun




Jolee is in there as a jedi council member on dantooine. Juhani.....died. Carth will be ingame yet not in your party. You can kill him early ingame and get DS points or kill him later in the game and get LS points. T3-M4 is your servant droid in your "estate" on dantooine. I know thats 10 party members and the limit is 9. One of your members will die and Exar Kun will replace them.



Jedi Master

Dark Lord


Jedi Gaurdian

Jedi Consular

Jedi Sentinel

(you will start out as a jedi knight)


Force Powers:

Battle Meditation (boosts your stats and stuns your enemies)

Enhanced Force Storm (much more powerful force storm

Force Summon (you can summon beasts and stuff)

Force Destroy (obliterates all enemies)

Force Create (adds jedi items to your inventory)

Force Morph (you can change into almost any NPC ingame. Sort of like what that geno boss could do in kotor 1)

(More to come for force powers)


New Items:

Alot, most probably a curved lightsaber hilt will be added as well as some more heavy weapon models. Also some simple items like lightsabers with reasonable stats. But when you get the CHOSEN ONE class, you become ultimate in power so your lightsaber has maximum abilities.


Explaination behind the CHOSEN ONE class:

After beating the game, you get a class called CHOSEN ONE. This class maxes out your stats and makes you a jedi "god". You will get all force powers ingame as well as all feats in game. You will also get an arsenal of weapons for you. And after this, you will have the option of restarting the game except this time, enemies will have quite a bit of power too for you to have a challenge with the new class. This CHOSEN ONE class is just something that will be added for replayability and to make the game more interesting. Servant of Eru suggested a non jedi PC but I think the CHOSEN ONE class will make the game more interesting.


I think thats at least most of it. Any more info and I would be talking about the whole storyline. There will also be som background new characters (team member's custom charaters) and of course new sidequests. I will say that malak returns as a droid with a clone army which is what the dark forge is. Its a small sized star forge that can clone people as to how malak raised a clone army of those sith elites. Yes, the game originally had plans for 6 or 7 KOTOR 1 sized main quests that we might do as expansion packs to this first AE quest.


Also, you may end up with more party members mentioned as I have almost discovered a way to make it so you can take more than just 2 party members with you and how you can have more than just 9 party members.

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You've discarded my advice in the past, but I'll offer it up again anyway. I'm bored.


I think you're going to get people here to goad you. If you are serious about this mod, then go work on it. Setting yourself up for flames here isn't helping you any.


You mention large scale mods for Quake and such. They providing tools and a built in scripting language. I've never seen a large scale total conversion mod like you're suggesting ever be made for a game that didn't have editting tools.


You've got quite a daunting task ahead of you. Have fun.


The very fact that the team debated trying to rewrite the game to incorporate Soul Caliber two elements tells me everything I ever need to know about this mod.

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