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Is the PS4 version ever going to be fixed?

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The PS4 port of this game is unplayable. 40 hours into the game after fighting the constant crashes, the bugged pathing on certain maps that mean my party run away from engagement, the awful UI that overlaps and makes things impossible to read, I have now encountered a party management bug that has totally broken the game. I have 8 companions following me and the 3 extra companions (eder, aloth and serafen) are now unavailable to me, they don't show up in my party when I add them and the game has grinded down to a few FPS.

I began wring this to hopefully shed some light on a bug to be fixed but its been 4 YEARS since release so there clearly isn't any point. This game must be finished, right? Your happy with your product? If this is the state you leave your games in then I will never purchase another. 

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Hello. This is a forum that's mostly run by the community. Developers only chime in occasionally and they don't directly monitor posts or threads unless you tag one directly. Moderating is done by community members as well. So it may be that criticism might not reach the people you intended to reach.

Obsidian developed Deadfire for PC only and it was advertised as such prior to release. It runs pretty well there in its current state. 

Since Obsidian neither planned to develop for consoles nor had much experience with it the publisher "Versus Evil" then took it into their own hands to adapt and release Deadfire for consoles - with a different dev team (that's anonymous to me). That release was done years later than the PC release. So maybe there's still fixing going on (I doubt it though).

So, most likely nobody here will be able to help you with those problems unless other PS4-players found a solution for them and either read this or already posted them here. 

If you want information or help for technical or software related issues for the PS4 version it's maybe best to reach out to Versus Evil via their Deadfire Discord channel. They don't have a forum for such things - as far as I can tell. 

Also see this thread here, it might be informative:



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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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