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I've been thinking about dragging the same main character through P1 and P2. I would use the NPCs, not anything funky, and would stick to regular mode.

Anyone suggest a class that would do well? Please note that 'it's regular, anything works' isn't helpful. I know anything can work, I'm curious specifically about classes that do well through the story in game 1 then also do well in the story in game 2. I've played both games a few times, so it's not like there's spoilers.

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Don't know about doing well in the story - there literally everything works since it's you roleplaying I guess.

Having said that: Priest of Eothas was always intriguing to me because of Eothas being a central part of both games, but since you already get an Eothas-friendly companion with Edér and even a Priest with Xoti it's not that intriguing to me personally anymore to play one in Desdfire. 

Priest of Berath is cool for both PoE and Deadfire I think. No companion fills that spot - and given your relationship with Berath in the second game I think that's a nice pick. Also mechanically Priest of Berath is nice in both games. I did this "St. Gangrene" build for PoE back in the day with Tidefall as main weapon and maxed might and so on - a melee priest if you will - and it translated well enough to Deadfire where I used the Priest of Breath/Helwalker combo then which is actually pretty cool with the summoned Great Sword and also great with casting. In PoE Priests are the most impactful class in my opinion. In Deadfire that was toned down but they are still very useful. Mixing it up with a multiclass helped me to make the mechanically somewhat bland Priest single class more spicy. 

Technically speaking I think the single class that does transition best from PoE to Deadfire is the Monk, at least for me. The basic mechanics about wounds and mortification didn't change much while really interesting and fitting abilities were added. And the highest Power Levels are totally worth going for a single class Monk in Deadfire. It's very fun to play in both games with a lot of potent mechanics without "mudding" the clear single class choice of PoE with a multiclass in Deadfire. Multiclassing can still be cool and fun of cause - just saying.  



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