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weird shared world behavior (says im hosting the shared world when im not in it).

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Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but i keep getting an error saying there was an issue hosting a multiplayer game when trying to host my shared world. My internet connection is fine.

Whats interesting is that when I retry hosting that shared world, it says that a player (me) is hosting that shared world currently, even though im not actually in it. Figure its a bug and that i should share it so that the devs can work on a fix before 1.0.

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I've encountered this too. 
In my opinion this shared world feature is crap.  I feels its a cheap excuse for not making actual dedicated servers. 
Can anyone think of a co-op survival crafting game that does not have private dedicated servers? I can't.  All the ones I have played always have a dedicated server option.

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