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How to fix mapping / navigation

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The beacon system is great; it just needs one small improvement: The ability to label beacons like chests.  The icons are just not enough sometimes!

Where is the compass?  It's a real pain to have to open my map interface just to see which way I'm facing.  Please just put a compass on the main screen!

Why does my super awesome wristwatch not have a CLOCK on it???  Again, I have to open the map/inventory just to check if I have enough time for one more run before nightfall.

The map is severely lacking in geographical features.  It has 'biome' boundaries, I guess, but those are of almost no use to the player; they really only matter from a game designer's perspective , and are currently more confusing than helpful.  What is really missing is things like rock walls (on the right side near the hedge; I know the ones on the left are shown), the wood log wall and (especially!) gorges!  These canyons are one of the most difficult and dangerous elements in the game to navigate (I'm constantly falling into them in the dark) and are not noted at all!  What gives?  I know that you may want for the player to have to discover some things, and that's fine; do 'fog of war' until these areas are explored.  But once I've been to an area, I should have a notation of where the pits of death are located.

Landmark discovery is super random.  I have been inside some field stations and other features several times, and then one time I approach it from a different angle and I suddenly get the notification that I've 'discovered' it.  Oh, really?  Amazing.  And the red anthill; no matter how many times I've been inside it, it still doesn't appear on the map as a landmark.

Also, when doing a resource scan from a field station, scrolling the resource list also scrolls the map.  Goofy.

Feature request: Please add ziplines to the map when they're created.   Not just the endpoints, but draw the line.  It would be super helpful.  Even better would be a directional arrow.  But everything above is more important.  On a related note, it sure would be nice to get the WHOLE rope back when I try a location and it doesn't work, instead of just getting back HALF the rope, like when other buildings are recycled.


P.S. I'm playing the beta release, "The Bugs Strike Back" on PC.


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