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How can I modify this dual wielding Inquisitor build (Soulblade/Bleak Walker) into a Soulblade/Kind Wayfarer who uses a Sword and Shield?

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Rift Inquisitor build by Sintee:


What can I change to make this suitable for a Kindwayfarer/Soulblade who uses a sword (or other more suitable weapon) and a Shield.

My character will be an Aedyr Meadow Human Drifter.


I know it won't be ideal but what would be optimal within the boundaries I set for myself? This is my first time playing this series.


Thanks in advance!

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Kind Wayfarer and shield for roleplaying reasons I guess? The Kind Wayfarer Flames of Devotion upgrade really shines if you are using two weapons unfortunately, since it procs the heal on both weapon hits. If you are dead set on shields, you can use Tuotilo's Palm with monastic training to not cut your subclass effectiveness in half. Unfortunately other bashing shields' damage doesn't scale at all. I'd probably want higher might on a wayfarer too for better healing done, but you can only really cut from resolve. Your deflection won't be any good on POTD.

I just posted my Kind Wayfarer Inquisitor, but that's dual wielding as well. It is not doing any casting but the healing is really really noteworthy.

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Soulblade with Sun&Moon/Tuotilo's Palm or Sun&Moon/Magran's Blessing is a good combo for a Soulblade/Kind Wayfarer.

With Flames of Devotion you will get two healing procs (1 from Sun&Moon and another one from the shield bash). With Soul Annihilation you will profit from the uniqueness of Sun & Moon: the first flail head will apply Soul Annihilation's raw damage, the secons will already regenerate focus. So you can spam Soul Annihilation all the time if you wish. The good thing here is that Soul Annihilation is a primary attack so you won't use the weak bash of the shield. Still the bonuses of Two Weapon Style and Dual Wielding still get applied - so your attack speed with Soul Annihilation will be great. And should you or the party need some healing you use a litte White Flames for two healing procs. That the bash does not do exceptional damage is negligible because it's about the healing in this case. For the dmg output you use Soul Annihilation.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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