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Pets for future 0.14

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It's nice to see that our pets will be receiving some desperate need for attention in 0.14.


Frankly, I find the current pets to be useless and more like a collectable and something cute to have hang around, even though they died entirely too easily, attracted unwanted attention from larger predators, etc. There was almost no point to having one. 


But I think that this update will be a small step in the right direction. There are still no attack / defensive pets, which would be greatly enjoyed by many players. It could also be beneficial to our base raids with an extra layer of defense, as any of our bases may be raided while we are out & about. Stabling pets at the base incase such attacks happen would give our homes an added sense of security, as we have very little to use for defense. 

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My issue with the pets is they don't actually have commands to them, nor do they stay in or even near their houses when assigned. 

Occasionally you can call a pet, but you can't tell it to follow, or stay, or even dismiss it properly. And when you have it in a house, it still wanders wherever it wants and sometimes still randomly appears in a far off location in an attempt to follow you. You have to build an enclosure that it can't jump over, ( so at least a half wall with fence on it) but even that doesn't work sometimes.

Would be great if there were more commands as noted above, and even being able to set roam distancing.


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Agreed. I don't know how many times my pets have become lodged underneath stone floors that I need to smash through to retrieve. 

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