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Giving some feed back on my Co-op/Multiplayer experience in Grounded.
I have 4 copies of the game across 4 Steam accounts.  I have been attempting to play with my children, all in the same house on the same internet connection.
I say attempting because we have not been able to have 4 people play for more than about 2-5 Minutes.  The average is a disconnect for at least 1 player every 20-30 seconds.
If we only do a 3 player game we can get connected for 10-15 minutes before one of the 3 players is dropped to the main menu.   
If only 2 players play, then it will usually be Ok for an hour or so at a time.

When the game disconnects, you get a brief 1-2 second black screen and then are back at the GROUNDED Splash screen where it asks you to press any key to open the main menu.

Even when players are able to be connected,  we always have a "HIGH PING" icon in the upper right. We rubber band, and teleport around quite a bit. 
It seems that jumping will update your location to the host.
Example: If you run a far distance,(No jumping) and try to interact with an item, it wont do anything. So if you jump, your location will get updated, and then you will teleport to where the host thinks you are/should be. 
Often quite far from where you thought you were.

Upon being disconnected 5 or 6 times you are met with a message that your password for the game session is wrong and will not let you rejoin. Even if the host never had  a password set.
When this happens the host must close down the game and start a new session so that players can attempt to join. 

Another strange thing happens from time to time. When joining a session, players will sometimes be in a strange camera/photo/spectator mode.  All the icons and UI messages are all over the screen and jumbled up. You can also see the location of all the BURG.L Chips.  The player can only fly around the map. You are not able to interact with anything, or respawn.  So you must quit and attempt to rejoin. Doing so often yields the message about an incorrect password, thus forcing the host to start a new session.

Not sure if playing across the internet from separate locations is any better or not, as I have only tried playing with people at the same physical location. 
We are able to play other games online together just fine. Other games that we play without issues include:
Halo MCC, Halo Infinite, The Cycle Frontier, Minecraft, Enlisted, Warthunder, Sea of Thieves, Battlefield 4, Easy Red2.   
So I don't think it has anything to do with our internet connection.  I'm thinking its something to do with this game and how its updating from the guests to the host.

All in all trying to play multiplayer has been a huge pain and large point of frustration.  While single player is fun, we would really like to play together. 



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