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Burr floor recipie is wildly unreasonable

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I've been looking to build a castle using those gorgeous mushroom bricks since the day they were implemented, but I was never a fan of grass or stem floors. Then, lo and behold my prayers are answered, and the burr floors are introduced, which look amazing, and will go perfectly with a castle aesthetic. Only problem is it would take me actual days to complete, since every single floor requires lint rope. Not even regular lint, lint ROPE! There aren't even 20 lint nodes on the entire map! I have to wait 3 in-game days or so just to build however many floors that measly supply of lint provides, and I'm not even a 10th of the way complete on the first floor.

Until more lint nodes are spread across the map, I think the recipe should be reworked. Honestly, it should consist of 6 burrs, and that's it. The rope doesn't even seem to appear anyway, since it looks like you're just weaving the burrs into shape. 

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I can't even make this floor at all because infected bugs spawn directly in my base and blow everything up. I've been wanting to make it ever since it came out and can't. But yeah, either bump the amount of lint on the map, or just increase the amount of burr required per piece of floor. There's two lint nodes on the gardening glove btw.

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Agree that the amount of lint that spawns is wildly insufficient for how it is used, particularly for the floor. And considering the burr floor is a step up from the stem floor, you'd think it would use silk rope instead of crude rope, and that spinning the rope still takes 2 lint so you are lucky if you get to make 4-5 floor panels every few days...

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