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(English is not my native language)

I'm new in the game and I have zero meta knowledge. I plan to play veteran directly.

I plan to play as a main character a tanky/DD fighter (not 100% build for tanking). I like having a main character who has quite low micromanagement, so I can focus more on other companions. And generally I like boring classes with not too much to manage.

I like the idea to have no specialization in any weapon and a character not build around any specific items. So that I can use what I find and change when I find something better.

I don't like taking different specific weapon skills, for example Mace and Swords, because while I wear a sword I feel like my skill in Mace is wasted during this time. I prefer having a skill which will be useful anytime for any weapon.

Would it be viable for Veteran mode to make a fighter build without any weapon specialization nor around any specific items, and how would you build it?



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You might consider going with a devoted fighter, which only has two weapon specializations, the one you chose at character creation and unarmed attacks by default. You could then select monastic unarmed training at level 2 (unless you multi class with monk), and just use fists, which are arguably the best weapon in the game that scale as you level up, and you won't need to worry about weapons. For your other specialization, you could just pick a slash or pierce weapon as backup for the rare crush immune foes. There are a lot of multi class options you could pick, depending on the type of build that interests you. Brawler (fighter/monk) is great, as is brute (barbarian/fighter) or swashbuckler (fighter/rogue). There are plenty of builds available for all of these possibilities.

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Devoted seems diametrically opposite to what OP suggests, given that he wants to


use what I find and change when I find something better

Key is understanding that weapons skills (or better: proficiencies) are not needed to use any weapon properly. You can always take whatever weapon type you find and use it without any penalty (just not being able to use the modal if you don't have the fitting proficiency). Several weapon types have modals that aren't worth considering if you plan to switch weapons frequently anyway, so no loss really.
Also weapon proficiencies are completely decoupled from the rest of the class abilities: you get proficiency points "for free" at every few level-ups and have to invest them anyway. So I would focus on the proficiencies that give you useful modals. The rest of the weapon types you can use without proficiency/modal (and without drawback). Proficiencies that I find useful are large shield, medium shield, club, flail, morning star, pike, mace, arbalest, crossbow, hunting bow, pistol, blunderbuss (if one of your classes is Streetfighter), arquebus, rod, battle axe. As I said: not mandatory - but useful. So if I had to pick a proficiency I would use some of these. If one likes to focus on melee then of course a lot of them aren't worth considering. 

A Devoted however is the only (sub)class that puts a penalty on using weapons you are not proficient with - and he only gets two proficiencies at the start of the game and none later, thus locking him out from any other weapons besides fists and the other weapno type he picked at the start. So "use what I find" becomes more difficult with a Devoted, not easier. 
Because of that I wouldn't suggest Devoted when I look at what OP wrote.

A Black Jacket on the other hand is something that fits the description of OP pretty well: not only does a Black Jacket get more weapon proficiencies from the get-go but he also gets an additional weapon set where you can put alternative weapons in AND he can switch to those alternative weapon sets more quickly. If a Black Jacket takes the ability Quick Switch he can even switch to whatever weapon set he has without loosing any time at all: maximum flexibility of all classes when it comes to "use what I find".

The additional weapon proficiencies a Black Jacket gets for free can be used to pick more of the useful modals/proficiencies I wrote above. 

So, imo the trick isn't to pick no weapon proficiency (because you have to pick some anyway and they only unlock the modals which are not strictly improvements but more like pro/con things that give more options) but to be able to pick as many proficiencies as possible for free AND not having drawbacks if you don't pick a certain proficiency (which rules out Devoted).

Because that allows you to play as OP wants: picking up whatver good weapon you find and use it effectively. And as an added benefit you're able to switch to a fitting weapon against a certain foe - as soon as you realize what said foe is vulnerable to you can pick the optimal weapon set. Not focusing on a single weapon but using what is best in a given situation.

I think the no.1 wish of OP isn't to not be able to pick a proficiency but being able to use whatever weapon comes along. At least that's how I interpret OP's post (?). 

The second class can be whatever (if multiclass is an option I mean). I personally would maybe pick Streetfighter if I wanted more melee damage - it's also a nice pick to make use of several different weapon setups depending of the situation you are in. For example you can start with a dual wielding setup and once you feel you get overwhelmed and bloodied switch to a shield setup to be more safe. I also think that Black Jacket/Streetfighter is a thematically fitting combination.  


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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You could try a solo class fighter for your first run, so you can really experience all the different abilities for one class. Then you will have a strong understanding of the class itself.  That being said, you can also try out a multiclass; as you are playing with a party , you have a lot of room for experimentation. It depends on your personal style. I think the recommendations above are great ways for a first run, especially Black Jacket fighter. 


If you want to experiment, as mentioned, swashbuckler (fighter/rogue) is a great tank that also can dish out dmg, killing enemies faster results in being a better 'tank' because the mobs are dead!  Pure Fighters are better and holding the line, but not necessarily at dmg. However, adding in a combat focused multiclass will enhance the damage dealing role. Otherwise, you can even become a super tanky character as a paladin/fighter.

The other benefit is you can try out multiclasses for your companions, many of which are unique , and they are very strong. Have fun! 




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A Black Jacket/Streetfighter can become a really fast hitting melee sturdypants when he uses a thicker armor and the ability Armored Grace, a pet like Abraham and then gets flanked.

Even with the otherwise "low-dps" option weapon & shield the attack speed and DPS are great while the staying power is great, too. The early game, which usually is a bit difficult in certain encounters was noticably easier because offense and defense were so well balanced. 


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