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Base defense like making a big bow to shoot arrows or something, make bugs attack at ur base. Upgrade your armor with quartzite like u can weapons. If ur going to use the same bugs like lady bird larva and lady bird bug use different parts instead of the original parts from the old ones make it more fun to earn something from bugs that get harder. Make more armor more weapons make one special weapon or armor from the bosses like each one gives u a piece to a bad a$$ weapon to make as one or armor. Put new bugs in like primantis or centipedes or daddy long leg something to make it more challenging. Stop worrying about building worry about making the game challenging and add things that can bring fun to the game. Base building is ok but what's it worth when nothing attacks it or ur just a single player make it fun uve guys and girls have made a game that blows everything out of the water don't ruin it on just Base building bring the game to life.

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