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Marker symbols, box symbols & ziplines

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1. Being able to unlock more marker options would be helpful. I.E, other plant symbols, letters, and more. 


2. Being able to NAME our chest/baskets, if we don't want the symbols. I.E: Leather, Burr, Quartz. It can be short names, even just 4 letters max could help us keep things organized. 


3. Easier way to know WHICH ziplines you're attempting to connect to; colors, letters, ANYTHING to assign to a zip so you know it's connecting to the zipline you intend it to. 

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Ever try to zip back to your base at night and land somewhere else? (Sigh.) Wrong again.

It would be awesome if we could have more symbols: a feather, an anchor, a sprig etc. And.....Please......if we need to hide our markers to clear up the world.......let them stay off, unless we turn them back on. Every time we reload or start the game, POOF......their Back on again. Spend half my time turning them back off. Got so many that I finally went to every location and pulled the symbol off so they would never show up again. Then......lost in the dark and completely turned around......I realized how much I needed them. Oh......and a Wolf Spider showed up, of course. Right on time. :) 

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I know exactly what you mean 😄

On PC you can toggle all symbols with "Y". It's the firs key I press when loading the game and I only switch them on for a short amount of time to check if I am still going in the right direction.

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