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Desided to replay first game with frontliner rogue but I kinda forgot quite a lot of stuff so can someone check if what I have in mid is a solid thing for PoTD?

Hearth Orlan Aedir-colonist

Stats: Mig 10 Con 15 Dex 14 Per 18 Int 6 Res19

Skill: 14 lore rest athletic

Weapon1: Nightshroud + bashing shield from dlc

Weapon2: drawn in spring + redfield

Armor: plate with regeneration


1 Blinding strike

3 Dirty Fighting

5 Reposite

7 Adept Evasion

9 Deep wound

11 Persistent destruction

13 Deathblows

15 Escape


2 Veteran recovery

4 Weapon and shield style

6 Weapon focus: Noble

8 Superior Deflection

10 Visious fighting

12 Vulnerable attack

14 Savage attack

16 Outlander frenzy


Basically more agressive and offencive version of Yellow flash. Subneutral int will be fixed eventually by Band of Union  which will allow to pull out good use from Night shade on crit and hit effects(blinding and deathblows). If I remember game correctly, those effects can be triggered on reposite, resulting in effective spread of such effects. Deep wounds are a bit on shorter side before band of union but I kinda delaying it anyway.

Is it sound like a solid plan or am I forgetting something?




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