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A few areas I feel are lacking in Grounded and how I would solve them.

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Other than the common stuff that you are probably already working on, this is a list of things I feel need to be changed or at least looked at.


1. The new combo system

Limiting the damage of the first hit is extremely restrictive for slower weapons. People who use heavy weapons are basically forced to do all 3 hits which ruins their stamina. Instead of a 3 hit combo being 50-100-150 damage, a better fit might be 100-100-150/200. That way instead of punishing players for not doing the combos you instead reward them for playing that way.

2. The weird armor class damage resistance.

For those unaware, light and medium armor INCREASES damage resistance by 20% and heavy armor DECREASES damage resistance by 10%. I know this is done for balancing purposes, but messing with damage resistance seems antithetical to the point of the armor. If you want to nerf heavy armor and buff the lighter ones, increasing/decreasing movement speed might be a better choice. You could also change the amount of stamina needed for actions.

3. Durability

I am not the first to talk about durability and I almost certainly won't be the last. I am not saying remove durability or make it cheaper, I just think that there should be later game methods to make it more manageable. The best method I thought of was to add a system where whenever x amount of durability is lost, the max durability increases. It doesn't remove the need of repairs, just lessens it after a while.

4. Durability loss on death

This one I don't feel too strongly about, but durability loss on death feels outdated. You already loose quite a bit of durability in the fight, to loose more on death seems a bit cruel.

5. Weevil Shield materiel costs (please)

I have played this game for a while and have gotten pretty decent at the games combat. What helped me the most was the Weevil Shield. It makes combat much less demanding and helps you get used to the combat system. The problem is that this is the earliest shield you can get, but the resources needed to craft/repair it are slightly limited and perishable. A new player most likely won't scan raw Weevil meat and if they do, they likely will just cook and eat it instead of making a shield. My suggestion, replace the raw meat  with Weevil Noses. Although they have a chance not to drop, I think it will help newer players immensely.

6. Milk Molar tweaks

There NEEDS to be a way to respec. I doesn't have to be free, but it needs to be an option.

7. More specific info

It would be kind of nice if things showed exact percentage of increase or the exact proc chance of certain abilities.


This next part is mostly just wishful thinking so it is not numbered or really bothering me.

I would like a way to obtain more milk molars outside of finding them. It would be neat if they dropped from certain enemies or if they could be crafted. 

A mutation or something that increases the drops from enemies would be nice.

If the Rock Cracker mutation increased the amount of resources you get to make upgrades easier.

If Coup de Grass also increase crit damage a bit.

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