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vertical half-walls

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Yes....I agree! Especially when using the mushroom arches. Sometimes you come up 1/2 a wall short with nothing to fill the gap. Usually try to tuck in a pillar. But, then again, Pillars do not line up with walls. They are always in front or behind.....never flush. Having the half floors has really helped to finish a build; triangles are a problem sometimes. The Obstruction red zone shows up when there is nothing obstructing the placement. Then you try another triangle made from a different material and......it works? Clover verses weed-stem. Grass will fit, but not clover. ECT.  Curved walls often do not want anything connected to them. Hard to build a tower in a castle if you can't connect a wall to it. It's hit and miss. Works one time; won't the next. If it's barely touching, there should be a way to override the obstruction rule. That will return the 'fun' in building.  Just a suggestion. :) 

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