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Passive bugs request

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This is not a request for custom setting. I know it's there but this seems to be needed in the base game.

It seems that they need to make it where you can make a pheromone spray to deter other bugs from attacking you. This would be done for certain groupings of animals and hostile actions will disable this.

The first group would be for hive minds. This would make ants, bees and termites tolerate your close presence.

The second is beetle dudes. Which would make larvae, ladybird, ox, bombardier and stinkbugs friendly though a stinkbug may still last during the animations.

The third is mite t fine. Makes mites non hostile. Useful for collecting lint.

The forth is get off. It make mosquitos flee from your smell.


Side not I wouldn't mind seeing a half-life nod and see a head lice helm which looks like a head crab. Bonus 

If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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Nothing like a peaceful afternoon spent gathering sprigs around a tranquil toadstool oasis.....the sun bright and warm in a fair blue sky.....with a happy rolly-polly clicking contentedly to herself as she wanders aimlessly through the clover beds. Ah.....yes. Grounded at its best! Add a couple of butterflies and a curious inch-worm or two, a slow moving snail and a......well, any creature that does not spit, hiss or bite. Yep.....we need more peaceful friends and safe harbors to counter balance the 'death around every corner' and 'I am so gonna die' moments in the game.  Thanks, Obsidian! For providing both. (Though......a bug spray would be nice. To keep those pesky fireflies from coming around at night and keeping me awake. Haven't slept a wink since I moved into my castle. What is it about mushroom walls, anyway? They can't seem to resist them. Or the dew collector?) Anyway.....just a few suggestions! :) 

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