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I would love to see an update that adds a BURG.L unlock for TONS of furniture, environment and aesthetic items to the game. Some ideas include:

-Berry leather floor pillows

-Berry leather loveseat and couches

-Mite fuzz or lint couches/loveseats

- Sleeping bag out of mite fuzz/lint

- plant fiber/woven lint hammock

- Acorn Egg chair

-stem tables, grand table (for superbuilds)

-more lamps!!

-lightning/ladybug night light

-scarab chandelier that you can hang from higher ceilings

-scarab wall lamps that can project a small rainbow or any color light


-low tables

-woven lint/fuzz carpets/rugs or blankets that you can sit on

- weed stem picnic table/bench

-different styles of furniture out of different bugs

I would love to see a tarantula added to the game as well, it adds so many upgrade options for poison, daggers etc. And it would be cool to make furniture out of hair you can harvest from them. 

I have so many more ideas and there’s so much potential with all of the bugs within the game already even if a few new furniture items were added it would be amazing to see. 

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As I like building/decorating I would love to see the items suggested above. Aside from the items you listed I would like clutter objects to place on the tables/shelves. I would like us to be able to craft some, but I would really like there to be ones we can find. (I want there to be other things to hunt for when I'm resource gathering.) One of the Brug.L logs talks about a pair of dice being shrunk. I think Wendel would have repeated that experiment several times with different objects and I want to find those shrunken objects the yard, in bases, and in the buildings if we ever get inside them. . Clutter objects are not needed to progress so I'd like them to be tricky to find. Molars are very easy and buried treasure is pretty obvious as well. I'm up for a challenge.

Here are some suggestions to build off the list above.


  • Hammock
  • Stove top (cook different meals... or have a cooking skill for use to work on to make meals have better perks)
  • Loom (make fabric for other items/armor)
  • Windchime (maybe made with bone shards (very underused item))
  • Checkerboard
  • Newton's Cradle
  • Door mat
  • Statues or something that can go on top of pillars 
  • Fireplace. Not the campfire but an actual fireplace. 
  • A sink... maybe one that hooks up to the water container that I never use. You could drink from sink. Not really need but hey, if we have a sink I want it to function. 
  • A shower... also hooks to the water container I never use.  However if they ever made our characters stink after a period of time of not washing and our stench aggroed insects more I would be interested in showering. 
  • Mannequin heads (for head gear that does not have chest/arm pieces or leg/knee guards.)
  • Pully (a way to make lifts/elevators)
  • Radio - Either find a shrunk one or create one from parts found a lab. We have all this technology in the labs that is our size and yet none of it can be used in our bases? 



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A bathtub or shower......great idea. Outhouse. Sink. Toilet. Curtains made from petals: different colors. Floor mats and rugs. Frig.....keep those dinners fresh! A scab that tells time and can be set to a certain hour for sleeping. (Beep....beep.....) 

I would also like to sit in chairs (first person) where you can actually look around while sitting. (I'm getting a stiff neck every time I take a break! Can't enjoy the view!) :) And sitting in the hot springs would be nice as well. 

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