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Multiplayer building and player position issues

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Restarted a new game to have a play through of the new content and UI redesign.

Issues we found:

When a non-host player builds a hologram grass wall or floor into a completed piece, sometimes for the non-host players that building piece is invisible. Non-host players could walk through the invisible wall etc, the host player reported seeing their character face plant into the wall and skitter along it. After a period of time the non-host player teleports to what I assume is the 'correct' position as far as the host is concerned.

Logout / in fixes the build piece issues, but fundamentally there seems to be an issue in maintaining a consistent view of the world between the host and the non-hosts.

We also had issues with the hotpouch bar for non-host players seemingly randomly switching items, and ignoring the pinning/sticky setting.




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Had the same issue.

Also had an issue where the state of a door was not syncing across host/clients. This would cause the host to see the door closed, and the client seeing it open. When the client walked through the door they could not interact with world objects and they would be teleported back outside the door. The fix we found was for the host to open the door and keep it open.

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same issue, apparently buildable objects need to "hit" to become visible to other players. the host can place, build or move objects, but other players have issues interacting with moved objects (same with some dropped resources, grass planks, weed stems)

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Both me and my wife are playing on PC, 2023, 1.2.2 version, and have the same issue when it comes to building in multiplayer. As described in posts above. Im hosting and can build, place etc, and i see the stuff she builds, but for her, she can only see the blueprints(even though she places the material and it gets buildt). When i relocate it, it appears for her. When she logs out and in again, its "fixed", but only the pieces she has placed and buildt. When she places a new wall, same problem again. 

Have also tried shared world etc, but the problem with building consists.

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This issue is a desync between the host and the client, and can be resolved in the client player punches or tries to repair the blueprints. The team is looking into solutions, and we'll be sure to let folks know in the patch notes if it's addressed. 


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Any updates on this?  We have had this issue every time we play. We stopped playing in March 2023 and just started playing again two weeks ago and it still happens.

I'm glad I found this thread last night though.  Punching blueprints fixes it for a little bit.

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I recommend submitting a bug report if anyone is still running into this issue. 

Obsidian Support
Please include the following information: 

1. Platform (Xbox Console, PC Game Pass, PC Steam).
2. Multiplayer or Single Player Game (if multiplayer, can you tell us how many players in total in the game, and their platforms if known) 
3. Difficulty level
4. Description of issue
5. Last thing you did in the game before the issue occurred, if applicable
6. A clip if possible

Thanks and sorry for the frustration that these desync issues have been causing!

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