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Please fix this or I'll never play again.

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I'll add video below but what is basically going on. Is the game won't let me load any of my saves and when I do it bring me to a save where it's basically up to date. But it deleted all my weapons and Armour and lost so much more and un able to even load older saves. Loading any save brings me to the same save with all items etc lost. And since I play on Whoa mode. I



t's not something I wanna re grind all my lvl weapons again and bows. Really this is more annoying then when the game use to crash x amount of times. 


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I've had that issue occur. I play on PC and it only seems to happen when I sign in to my xbox live account. It's SUPER frustrating. I freaked out when all my tier 2/3 items seemed to have become a a tier 1 version and my character kept loading by the oak tree when I should have been by the sandbox. (I say seemed as it's possible the game was referencing old save data where those were the items and location rather than the wrong items being pulled in a current save and placing me in the wrong location.) After trying to load multiple saves I logged out and played as an offline user and my saves loaded correctly. Band-aid solution or coincidence; I can't say. 

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