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Paving the way towards an Outer Worlds VR Mod


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Wouldn't a VR mod for The Outer Worlds be awesome? 

The masterful modders from the "Flatscreen to VR Modding Community" discord server have already created VR mods for multiple flatscreen games. With Deep Rock Galactic the (afaik) first VR mod for a Unreal Engine game is now in development. The same could happen to TOW. 

Unfortunately TOW currently doesn't contain certain libraries that are required for VR. The libraries can be added back in with Unreal Engine plugins, that come with the engine. Enabling those shouldn't take too long.

I'm trying to somehow get into contact with someone who can add those libraries back in and to try to covince them. Has anyone ever done this? What's the best way to reach out? 

Any help is appreciated

Edit: If y'all want a TOW VR mod and would like to help, but don't know how, just leave a comment. Maybe that will help with getting attention :)

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Added call to action for those interested in a VR mod
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