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Grass regrowing

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For those of us who have been playing since (almost) day one it is VERY frustrating to see your base(s) all messed up by changes in the topography and objects such as the grill being moved around just about every update. I understand this is EA but why build anything if it may become useless or need renovations next update?  I also have several elevated walkways, and have to keep cutting down dried grass that keeps growing underneath and through the walkways blocking passage, even though I remove the stumps. My base next to the picnic table became a grass and weed infested jungle (yes I know the area was "under construction"), it would be nice if they could've made it so that new flora would not be present within an established base.

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I realize that established bases may have troubles with this sort of thing when there's an update (yeah, it is a pain to have to move things & destroy elevated floors so that you can drop down to figure out where the grass and weeds are regrowing, but at least you CAN move the furniture now).

However, I'm finding regrowth in & around my NEW base (I made a staircase going up to the picnic table bench & started a minimal base on top). I thought that I cut the grass and dry grass stumps down completely before starting the steps, but it's growing up through them again - it is possible that I missed a few, so I've cut everything down again to check. (that's if I decide to play again, kinda bummed at this point)

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