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excessive amount of lag at ant hill by first research center

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So earlier today while playing the new hot and hazy update I realized I needed to go and get ant mandibles so that I could fix my ant club but when I looked around for soldier ants there were none to be found, but lucky for me I remembered that there was a ant hill not too far west of the baseball. So I head over to this ant hill and at first I get hit by a small amount of lag but I didn't think anything of it knowing that its probably just spawning things in but the second I took perch on top of the hill to find some soldier ants I started lagging so bad I couldn't even input actions and I ended up dying to the ant which is not a major problem but if this were to happen while I am in the middle of the labs or worse it would be awful. I play on The Xbox one and have not had any lag issues like this since day one I hope this helps!

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